Frequently Asked Questions

You must be appointed to write business with Brecht. Click on Agency Appointment under the Contact Us tab; Jennifer Brecht will contact you to discuss opportunities.
There are a couple of ways you can make payments to Brecht, please pay the NET amount due less any premium financing:

1. Mail an agency check to Brecht & Assoc., 1450 Hughes Rd. #109, Grapevine TX 76051

2. Use the Fax Check Authorization Form (this form is used each time a payment is made, a new check is required for each payment)

3. Use the ACH Ongoing Authorization Form (this form is sent once then you email a payment request each time you would like to make a payment with the policy # and amount to be paid)

4. Use the Make an Online Payment* option under the Services tab. A 3.25% processing fee will be applied to any credit card payments and a $3.00 processing fee will apply to checks. (I do not recommend using this feature unless the insured is going to use their credit card and pay the full premium due; we would then send your commission to you.)

5. Please note, Brecht & Associates will not accept insureds’ checks.

Payments are typically due 10 days after the invoice date however if a policy is bound before the effective date payment is not due until ten days after the effective date of the policy.
*If you have an ePayPolicy account you may use the payables feature which will reduce the check processing fee to .50¢ per transaction (plus your monthly fee to ePayPolicy).

You may email an application to one of our underwriters. You’ll find the contact information under the Products tab by Product. Please use the appropriate Acord apps.
Approximately 30 days prior to the renewal date a quote will be emailed to you based upon the expiring policy. A new application may be required; your underwriter will advise you if anything is needed.